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Really Special Animals Doggy Daycare and Dog Training in Weare NH
Really Special Animals Bootcamp, Doggy Daycare and Dog Training in Weare NH


Looking for a little more than private one-on-one training? Sign your dog up for our bootcamp where they board and train with us for 1, 2 or 3 weeks!


A Little More About Bootcamp!

Really Special Animals Bootcamp, Doggy Daycare and Dog Training in Weare NH

After an initial 2 hour evaluation, we will pick a date for your dog to come and stay with us at our facility for either 1, 2 or 3 weeks. While they are here, they will work one-on-one with our trainers on the goals discussed during the evaluation. On the day your dog has completed their bootcamp, a 3 hour "Go Home" lesson is scheduled to go over everything worked on and how to implement all the new training at home. You are also sent home with go home instructions which is pretty much your manual for your new pup to help create structure and a smooth and successful transition back to home life! The manual is full of homework assignments, vocabulary lists, hand signals, equipment breakdowns and step by step exercises for you to work on with your dog each day for the following 2 weeks before we return for our first follow up visit. It does you no good if your pup is an angel for us and still a devil for you so understand that this is just as much about training the people and starting new habits, routines and heightening our expectations as it is about the dog. 

Ask For Help Doggy Bootcamp Graphic

1. Ask For Help

If you're feeling like you may be in over your head, out of your league and/or just completely hopeless and need a professional to step in to save the day, then bootcamp is what you're looking for!

2. Evaluation

This evaluation can take place either in your home or at our facility, will last 2 hours and allows us to get to know each other and see what's going on. These evaluations are able to be scheduled Mon-Fri with morning, afternoon and evening time slots available. We simply require all adults of the household to be present so all questions can be answered and decisions can be made easier with everyone being on the same page. We go over the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the hopes and dreams of future dream dog behaviors.

3. Pick a Plan!

After the evaluation, you will have a better idea of what is involved to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and beyond. You get to decide which bootcamp option best supports you getting there.

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Doggy Bootcamp Plans from Really Special Animals Dog Training and Doggy Daycare


1 Week of Dog Bootcamp Training Pricing
3 Weeks of Dog Bootcamp Training Pricing
2 Weeks of Dog Bootcamp Training Pricing
How to get started with Bootcamp Training for my dog

Happy Clients!

Barbara Jean is amazing no exaggeration. Before training, my dog, Pippa, was very anxious, unpredictable, and aggressive, making it difficult to be with other dogs and people. During the consultation, we already saw so many changes and were extremely impressed. We actually thought she had switched out my dog with a new one because Pippa was so calm and relaxed. On the first night, Barbara Jean put her pizza on the floor, and Pippa, who was known for jumping up ONTO the table, DID NOT move out of “place”. Barbara Jean’s teaching is direct and applicable. She gave us the tools to establish expectations and ways to communicate with Pippa. After 5 private lessons, Pippa is a much happier and confident dog, because she understands the boundaries. A huge success is that Pippa can be OFF LEASH, something I laughed at when Barbara Jean said was possible. I can’t thank Barbara Jean enough, she has truly changed my relationship with Pippa. I would highly recommend Barbara Jean, she is worth every penny and my only regret is not starting sooner! Thanks, Barbara Jean & Really Special Animals! You have changed our lives!

- Hailey N.

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