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Welcome    Woof-woof

RSA Doggy Daycare & Training’s 3,000 square foot facility is located right on 114 in Weare, NH, next to the orthodontist and hair dresser salon where the old martial arts studio used to be. Also, diagonally across the street from the Weare Animal Hospital.

Our Lobby

As you come up the stairs to a covered farmer’s porch, you’ll step into our lobby which is filled with colorful and personal touches of our four legged clients as well as information about our facility, fun seasonal decorations, and our TV that displays slideshows of our pack members at play!

Lunch Area for Dogs at Dog Daycare and Training Facility in Weare New Hampshire

Play Floor

We have two indoor daycare play areas (one upstairs and one downstairs) where dogs can play with their friends and use the enrichment equipment all around for fun, impulse control and confidence boosting. Equipment like table platforms, peanuts, place beds and balancing discs are all a part of our structured daycare approach!

Dog Training and Dog Day Care in Weare New Hampshire

The Lunch Box

Our lunch box is also located in the lobby and is where all of the dogs' lunches and treats for the day are stored! Send your pup to daycare with a bagged lunch with their name on it and they’ll get it at snack time and/or our crated nap time.

Play Area for Dogs at Dog Daycare and Training Facility in Weare New Hampshire
Treadmill excercise for dogs at doggy daycare and dog training at really special animals in weare new hampshire

Structured Workouts

We also use treadmills! And yes you will see dogs running and working out whenever you pick up or drop off. Four of our treadmills are located in the upstairs play area which is visible to the lobby. While 5 more are downstairs in our second daycare play area. Treadmills are both mentally and physically challenging for dogs and are a great way for dogs to work off that pent up energy, get their exercise/steps in and also build on their social skills, all at the same time. X-pens are used to bubble off dogs on the treadmills so that the dogs in group aren’t bothering or interfering with their ability to focus and concentrate on their workout.

Nap time during doggy daycare at really special animals in weare new hampshire dog training and doggy daycare

Transition Area

Our transition areas are located just outside of our play areas and provide a gap between groups of dogs and the lobby both upstairs and downstairs. These are the hubs of the facility where a lot is going on. Transition is your pup’s first stop after the lobby where they get their leashes taken off and put away in their very own labeled cubby, get their name on the attendance board and their play area assignments for the day before heading into group. Sometimes new dogs spend a little extra time in transition so they can acclimate and decompress in a separate area before going straight into group. At the end of the day, transition safely holds dogs who are leashed up and ready to go home. Any notes and/or messages that may need to be passed along to parents are also written on the message board in transition.

Outside yard area for dogs for dog training in new hampshire and dog daycare in new hampshire


Our grooming room is located right off of the lobby and has a nice big tub, a grooming table and all the supplies needed to clip nails, clean ears, bathe, brush, and dry our daycare clients!

Nap Time

Naps and breaks are an important part of the structure throughout our day here at RSA. This allows us to separate dogs so they can have their own space to relax, take a break, nap, have a snack, eat lunch or simply be out of the way when new or certain dogs are coming and/or going. We use wire crates for good visibility which are located right along the daycare walls both upstairs and downstairs. All dogs go down for a crated nap time and lunch from 2-3:30pm each day which is quiet time for the whole facility, thus no pickups or drop-offs during this time.

dog training facility in weare new hampshire really special animals dog training and dog daycare

Yard Area

Outside is our fenced in daycare play area with half turf and half gravel. We are constantly in and out throughout the daycare day which allows plenty of time to potty, run and explore with friends.  The yard is equipped with tires, platforms, tippy boards and tunnels for the dogs to play in and lots of cool stuff to pee on!

Grooming at really special animals in weare new hampshire
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