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How it All Got Started!

Our Story from the Start

Barbara Jean was exercising horses for a barn down in Massachusetts that she worked at when the owner came out and told her she just rescued a new dog and was having a hard time with her. The owner said "I'd like to bring her out and see if she bites you, so don't make any sudden movements." Barbara Jean laughed and said "ok then, bring her out!". When this 2 year old Australian Shepherd came out to the barn, it was an instant connection! The dog had an attitude, Barbara Jean had an attitude and they instantly clicked! They got each other in a way that no one else could understand.


From there, Barbara Jean started working with the dog every day at the barn. Then she started going to group training classes with her every week, taking her home for sleepovers, then for the weekend, then a little longer and a little longer... until the owner of the barn eventually signed the dog over to Barbara Jean completely. That dog's name was Rainforest Smiles A Lot AKA Smiley.


We would like to give a special thanks to this late Australian Shepherd, Smiley, who has truly touched countless souls and influenced the lives of so many like no other. Going from “too aggressive and untrainable” to an amazing therapy and blue ribbon show dog… she taught us all countless life lessons and showed us what real potential is all about. She was truly a “once in a lifetime”,”heart and soul” kind of dog and we thank her for every moment we shared together!


When Barbara Jean started this business, she knew she wanted letters as her logo and that she had to tribute to the one and only Smiley. She decided to dedicate the business name to Smiley's registered American Kennel Club Identification “Rainforest Smiles A Lot” also known as “RSA”. She is the reason why we do what we do and why we are who we are.


Smiley will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts forever and ever."

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